We want all our customers and clients at Newco Legal to be happy and fully satisfied with the services that we offer. That’s why we provide a Money Back Guarantee (MBG) for a selection of our solutions.  We really believe that our solutions provide lots of value and protection to new companies, and we want to instil this confidence into you before purchasing.

This MBG is contingent on our solution(s) being of no value or no importance to your company. 


Because we also need to balance the MBG with “abusers”. Those who feel like it is fair to get real value (for free), and then to claim their money back.

Also, we use any money back guarantee requests as a basis for us to learn, adapt and change from any issues or problems that may have been incurred.


  1. Email clients@newcolegal.com, with the subject line MBG
  2. Explain which solution you purchased and why you believe this is of no value or importance to your company
  3. We process your refund.
  4. It usually takes a few business days for the refund to reach your company business bank account.