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We believe that every new company and existing SME in the UK deserves experienced legal support and advice at an affordable price.

Through our own dedicated team of qualified lawyers, and advanced technology, we help British SMEs and their directors, just like you, make better legal decisions which safeguards their future business.
  • +1000 SMEs advised
  • +50% cost saving vs traditional law firm

Our Mission:

to ensure every new company and SME in England and Wales has access to cost effective, fully qualified, legal solutions.

Having practised commercial law for many years, I have seen first-hand how smaller companies are still priced out from receiving qualified legal support. With hourly rates starting at “just” £350, it’s no surprise that new limited companies are taking chances with their legal decisions.

That’s why I founded Newco Legal. Our qualified legal team throughout the UK help, support and advise new business owners at an affordable rate, backed by our exclusive price, commitment and client satisfaction guarantee.

You go from being the unprotected, small company to being a safeguarded business for the future, knowing that Newco Legal has your back from the early days.

Our qualified legal team will be honoured to protect your company and its future business.

Astan Morarji (LLB), Founder
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How We Compare

Law FirmRocket LawyerNewco Legal
Fully qualified and experienced legal advice
Dedicated to SMEs only
Qualified legal solutions that are affordable
Backed by advanced technology
Down to earth, friendly, legal team
Money back guarantee
Packaged and tailored advice, not just legal templates

Our Team Members

Robert Farley
Consultant Corporate Solicitor

Robert is our consultant lawyer, with over 20 years' experience helping new businesses and start-ups with all their legal matters, including contracts, IP and employment.

Jess Watson

Jess is our paralegal at Newco Legal, having studied law at Leicester University and graduating in 2019. She is a keen swimmer and sun bather!

David Smith
Commercial Solicitor

Having been a part of a leading Top 40 law firm in the UK, David has significant experience in general business and commercial law.

Ciara Stevens
Legal Intern

Ciara is a law student at Northumbria University, aspiring to be a commercial solicitor. She writes all the incredible content you see under our brand.

John Roy Felices
Business Support Assistant

JohnRoy, known as JR, who is originally from Manila, is a budding entrepreneur who is currently studying for his BSC in entrepreneurship.

Phil J Smith
Head of Tech

PJ developed the original tech that now underpins the tech stack at Newco Legal. Based in Bristol, he is a consultant legal technologist to various law tech providers.

Amanda Lint
Business Development Manager

Mandy is our BDM wizz. With a background in corporate account management, Mandy loves to travel the world to experience fun, heat and luxury.

Salvador L. Rodario
Junior Developer

Sal, originally from Brazil but now living in Budapest, looks after the core of our tech here at Newco Legal. Sal holds a national record for swimming.

Roles are open

We are always looking for the best talent. If you are interested in working at Newco Legal, shoot us a message now on Live Chat.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions or to help out where we can.