First Employee Legal Bundle

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Love the fact that we received advice as well as all the legal documents we need to make the first employed hire for just £99. This is an exceptional service and far better than going to an expensive law firm office.

–  S. Efe, Director @ Octopus Technology Ltd

Hiring an employee is no small feat. Whilst you don’t always need to pay for expensive legal advice, it’s not a wise idea to rely on “fill in the blank” legal templates either. There are many factors and issues to consider. That’s why we created the first legal employment package that is more than just a bunch of templates put together. We ensure that your first hire is perfectly legal and will set you up for future hires too. Stay on the right side of the legal line and don’t risk an expensive tribunal claim, a claim from HMRC or a poor employee that you cannot legally terminate.

Our First Employee Legal Bundle includes a legal report, legal advice and a full set of legal documents to make your first employee hire.

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What’s included?

Everything that you need to have and to know to make your first employee hire for your new limited company.

HMRC and Tax Obligations
Special Clearances and Approvals Required
Insurance Obligations
Red Flags and Potential Issues
Employment Legislation- Compliant?
The Hiring and Onboarding Processes
Legal Template Documents, Agreements and Policies Required

Seeing is Believing.

View the template  First Employee Legal Bundle here.


A complete First Employee Legal Bundle starts from just £99, or…


Face an expensive and reputation-ruining employment tribunal claim


Receive a fine or penalty for being an illegal employer


Have “bad employees” that cost your business significantly

Get the bundle, now

Receive everything you need to make your first employee hire safely, legally and properly

We are so confident in our First Employee Legal Bundle,
we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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