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Newco Legal are the only lawyers I found that offer fixed-price advice and help for a foreign director like me. The service was affordable and helped me during the incorporation of our English company and all the setup requirements afterwards.”

Xing S, Director of Nutranzen Hospitality Ltd

Being a foreign director or shareholder of a UK company is not easy or simple. There are multiple legal requirements that must be satisfied before, during and after the incorporation process, together with confusing and time-consuming compliance matters around licensing, permits, HMRC and more. For foreign, non-resident, individuals, this process is even more difficult. 

Newco Legal provides a dedicated service, by its team of qualified British lawyers and client management team, to offshore, non-resident, directors and shareholders of UK companies. 

Our legal bundles include the incorporation process, corporate structuring and governance, tax, insurance, company secretarial and more.

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Over 150 Non-resident directors are supported by Newco Legal

Our Solutions for Foreign Directors:

Before Incorporation

Newco Legal provides a full incorporation advice service. A member of our legal team will work with you to ensure your new company incorporation is perfect for your business requirements. This includes a review of corporate structuring, tax, insurance and other matters.

After Incorporation

If you have chosen to incorporate the company yourselves, Newco Legal can review your company incorporation to ensure everything has been set up properly and correctly. If anything is wrong or incorrect, we provide an advice report to explain the changes needed.

Company Management

Your new company in the UK must be managed in compliance with the many English laws and regulations that apply to businesses and to its directors. With our unlimited company secretarial service, we provide total 360 support to foreign directors and their UK company, including unlimited company law advice and all company secretarial requirements.

Legal Support and Advice

Newco Legal support, advise and represent many foreign directors based outside of the UK in their company management. Whether it is a tax incentive scheme, new corporate structure, hiring local employees or handling the day-to-day legal matters, our qualified lawyers are sure to help. Unlike other law firms, our rates are fair and reasonable, fixed and our lawyers are contactable 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Getting it Wrong

As a non-resident director of a company in the UK, getting things wrong can mean:


You receive a fine or penalty from the authorities


Your entire UK business is forced to close


You suffer from personal legal cases


You are banned from acting as a director in the future

We are so confident in our Foreign Directors Solution,
we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

A Wide Network of Professional Solutions

Newco Legal also provides introductory services to banking partners, insurance providers, finance brokers and more, to ensure your new foreign entity in the UK has an easier and simpler start. 

Newco Legal has direct and private access to accountants, insurers, corporate finance, banking, pension, tax and many other professionals who provide dedicated additional solutions to offshore, non-residents, directors. 

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