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“Nobody qualified can provide this type of excellent report for a newly incorporated company. It is pretty much the same level of information and guidance that you would get from a lawyer advising a new company but for £99.”

-Modestas K., Director @ Qupply Ltd

Did you go to a lawyer before incorporating your company? Don’t worry- most new directors don’t. The problem? Companies House does not check or validate your company incorporation, which means it is totally reliant on you to give the right information.

If your Newco has not been incorporated and set up correctly, then you are going to be on a losing track from Day 1. Your contracts might be invalid, revenue lost and the entire business made insolvent. This stress and panic is something that no director wants to handle.

That’s why we created a report, driven by tech and then reviewed by our legal team, which reviews your new company formation, and your intended business activities, to confirm whether everything is correct, or if there are any red flags that you need to address.

Over 600 Incorporation Legal Reviews Completed

What’s included?

A totally customised advice report for your newly formed private limited company ensuring that your new company incorporation is correct, has been set up properly for its intended business, and doesn’t have any fundamental legal mistakes or issues.

Companies House Filing Review
Licensing, Approvals and Permits Required
Tax and HMRC Requirements
Naming Rights and Potential IP Infringements
Data Protection and GDPR Considerations
Directors and Shareholders Review
Insurance Requirements
The First Board Meeting Completion

Seeing is Believing.

View the template Incorporation Legal Review report, here.


An Incorporation Legal Review report costs just £99, or…


You take the risk of fines and penalties later down the line


Create hundreds of hours of more legal work to untangle the wrong information from Day 1


Face a winding up petition, insolvency and total company closure

We are so confident in the value of the Incorporation Legal Review,
we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Get started, and complete our interactive form. It usually takes less than 10 minutes


Our proprietary legal technology works its magic.


Our qualified legal team then reviews everything, for that added step of protection.


The report is sent by email to you, usually within 2 business days.

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