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“So much more than just some legal templates. It is miles better than any other solution I have come across, especially as it involves a qualified legal team doing all the hard work for us. We received everything we needed to start trading, properly and safely.”

– S. Paine, Director @ This Design Ltd

So your new company is set up, and that means you are ready to trade for business?

Not exactly.

Just because you have set up a new company does not mean that you are legally set up to start the business. If you are thinking about earning some revenue, spending on capital expenditure, hiring an employee, launching your website or starting some marketing, make sure you don’t start until you are ready for business.

With our Start Trading Legal Bundle, we provide you with a legal report, legal advice and a set of legal documents to get your new company trading in the right legal way, saving you lots of time and wasted efforts. Getting it wrong can mean your entire business is valueless, revenue lost and legal claims made.

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What’s included?

A totally customised bundle, with everything that you need to have and to know, in order to enable your limited company to properly and safely start trading in business.

Licensing, Approval and Permits
Website Review (if live)
Insurance Arrangements
Record Keeping Requirements
Trading Red Flags
How Ready For Business Are You? (% Score)
Standard Terms of Service + NDA (if applicable) Templates
Financial Requirements
Tax and HMRC Obligations
Intellectual Property- What Needs To Be Protected
Data Sharing, GDPR and The Information Commissioner (ICO)

Seeing is Believing.

View the template Start Trading Bundle, here.


A complete Start Trading Legal Bundle starts from just £499, or…


Lose revenue and incur more costs through bad business decisions


Receive a fine or penalty for illegally trading


Pay unexpected taxes and costs which could bankrupt you


Lose out on IP creation and a breach of confidentiality


Face a potential director disqualification case

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Everything you need to start trading in business for your private limited company

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