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“I have always been concerned with hiring temporary workers. Having quickly completed the process at Newco Legal, we now know and have everything we need to hire the next consultant safely and legally.”

– S. Pandya, Director @ Venus Packs Ltd.

Heard of IR35? If not, go ahead and Google it. It is a huge change to the way anyone can work self-employed. Getting on the wrong side of these laws can be disastrous. If you are looking to benefit from a temporary worker, freelancer, consultant or similar, getting it wrong can be seriously expensive. They might be deemed an employee, and you might also face several fines and penalties as a result.

With the Temporary Worker Legal Bundle, you receive everything that you need to know, and need to have, to ensure that your next temporary worker hire is legally correct and safeguards your new company from expensive employment liabilities. It includes a legal report, legal advice and a full set of legal documents. .Stop frustratingly researching the law and second guessing yourself.

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What’s included?

Everything that you need to ensure your next non-employee worker doesn’t put your company business in jeopardy.

IR35 Risk and Advice
Tax and HMRC Obligations
Commercial Considerations
Quality Assurance
Independent Worker Agreement Template and Other Legal Documentation Required
Insurance Requirements
Financial Implications

Seeing is Believing.

View the template Temporary Worker Bundle here.


A complete Temporary Worker Legal Bundle starts from just £99, or…


Face an expensive and reputation-ruining employment tribunal claim


Receive a fine or penalty for being an illegal employer


Have “bad workers” that cost your business significantly


Lose out on IP creation and a breach of confidentiality

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Everything you need to know and have in place before hiring a temporary worker, such as a freelancer or consultant.

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