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Provide your small business client base with a fresh new legal solution, fully branded in your name.

" We have been partnered with Newco Legal since their inception, and they have delivered immense value to our service offering. Our clients often request legal solutions and we have been able to provide them with options that are quick, effective, accessible and affordable."
- Jeff Rogers, Partner at The Accountancy Network UK
Additional USP for your Business
Demonstrate Cutting Edge Legal Solutions
Generate More Revenue per Client
Support the Big Mission, Together
Newco Legal solutions that can be white labelled or directly resold
Company Incorporation Legal Review
Temporary Worker Legal Bundle
First Employee Legal Bundle
Start Trading Legal Bundle


Our rates are subject to agreement with each partner. We offer discounts based on bulk purchases and there is no cap on the price that you resell our solutions for.

How does it work?


Our solutions become yours, through specific branding and hosting


Your clients complete the process, just like they would on our website


Our technology and legal team do all the work in the backend


All the output to your client is in your brand, not ours

Is this partnership safe and legal?

Yes, 100%. We have a team of qualified lawyers, who are supported by paralegals and administrative assistants. You do not need to be regulated by the SRA (or otherwise) for these solutions of ours to be white labelled by you, provided they are being provided through a qualified solicitor (which all of our solutions are.) The only area of law that is off boundaries is something called "reserved legal activities", none of which we provide at Newco Legal.

Let's discuss a partnership

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